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BadJupiter supports Active Training World to host Covid-19 safe events

By February 2, 2021No Comments

In the spring of 2020 Active Training World hosted the last multisport event in the UK before lockdown and in the summer hosted the first multisport event to take place as restrictions were lifted.  

Building on the experience we had gained in running Covid-safe open water swimming sessions at Merchant Taylors lake, we wanted to offer our customers events that would enable them to take part, challenge themselves and compete, but as always with their safety coming first.  

Covid-19 brought new challenges to the team in organising safe multi-participant events; we offered online briefing videos prior to the day, redesigned the courses to make them single lap and remove the risk of lapping, ran all our events as time-trials with gaps between starters and the fastest competitors starting first to reduce congestion on the course and the need to overtake, changed the aid stations to bottled water only, and introduced a colour coded cone system within transition to allow competitors to move from swim to run while remaining socially distanced.

The one thing missing was a way for customers to complete a Health Questionnaire and Track and Trace form in line with both the UK Government and British Triathlon Federation’s requirements.  

Initially this was undertaken using a time-consuming and labour-intensive process of manual form-filling, either electronically in the days prior to the event or manually at the event. This resulted in a drain on our teams administrative resources before the event, as well as a poor customer experience at the event for those who had to undertake the manual process, not to mention the increased risk of infection from the use of paper and pens/or shared input devices.

The team at BadJupiter were able to provide us with a quick and simple solution.  Competitors and spectators just pointed their phone camera at the QR code image displayed at the event and completed the simple online form within BadJupiter, no app to download or setup. 

Participants were able to do this quickly whilst maintaining social distancing from other competitors and event staff.  This enabled us to not only comply with the self-certification process, to say that participants had not experienced, or been in contact with anyone experiencing, Covid-19 symptoms, but also capture a register of attendees at the event, enabling us to contact anyone who had been present if another attendee subsequently tested positive for Covid-19. 

The system worked perfectly and we used it across the summer at our aquathlon races at Merchant Taylors, triathlon events at Dorney and Box End and our RunFest running event at Enfield Lock.

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We would highly recommend the BadJupiter solution to other event providers, and will certainly be continuing to use it as soon as we are able to offer events in 2021.

Mike Jubb
Head of Events and Open Water Swimming
Active Training World