Collections are curated lists of places in BadJupiter, and our new WordPress plugin lets you seamlessly include your Collections in your content.

If you’re a blogger who writes reviews and guides about your favorite places and cities, this is the best way to let your audience take you with them when they’re out exploring and need you the most. If you’re an experiences business that takes clients exploring — on tours, safaris, road trips, whatever — then same goes for you.

Scan for mobile

The map above is a Collection of some of our favorite Austin discoveries. Depending on how you’re seeing this post, you can either scan the QR (big screens) or tap the button (mobile) to get it on your phone. That way, your followers can share and comment and always have you with them in case they ever need to know where to get a taco on Tuesday.

The BadJupiter Collections plugin will be available for download shortly — just as soon as we can get a download page together. But get in touch if you can’t wait!