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SXSW 2020

By March 13, 2020No Comments


It was just a week ago that SXSW was cancelled. Seems like a lot longer now, but it is what it is…so we either can spend our time sprinting through warehouse stores and fighting normally well-adjusted adults for toilet paper, or we can get busy living. 

We at BadJupiter made our home here in Austin, and we’re more than a little protective of it. So in the face of what is admittedly a crazy situation, we’d like to share what we’re doing. 

We’ve put together a few collections of our very favorite places to work, eat and drink, as well as our ATX Insider collection of hidden gems that you just shouldn’t miss. 

Several of these businesses have even stepped up and offered some cool deals and discounts to BadJupiter members. So when you’re trying to figure out what to do today, check these places out and #StandWithAustin.

We’ll be instagramming, tweeting and blogging throughout the next couple weeks, and new deals will be added all the time, so keep checking in.

ATX Work Spots

If you have to work, here are some cool spots with great WiFi and coffee (all the essentials!)

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ATX Eats

A selection of some of the fantastic places to eat in Austin. From goat tacos to late night pizza and boozy ice-cream, some of the highlights the city has to offer.

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ATX Drinks

Some of our favorite watering holes, whether your preference is for locally-brewed IPA or Margaritas and everything in-between.

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ATX Insider

Local, in-the-know, great stuff. This collection is full of the hidden gems that you may not already know about.

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